Megahertz helps an organization to own data center for creating reliable computing environment, managing it and distributing data to all business departments. Our data center solution facilitates computing, networking, storage and management on one platform to give operational agility.


We build data center incorporated with server and storage equipment to run business applications efficiently and store data with state-of-the-art availability & security parameters. Megahertz team designs and constructs green data center to minimize carbon footprints of the building, maximize cooling efficiency, build easily manageable infrastructure site, use low-emission building materials and recycle waste materials.

Access Control

Megahertz helps organizations to have different tiers of security. We offer physical access control to the clients by providing biometric systems, access cards, etc. These advanced access control devices maintain security standards and allow only authorized people to enter/ exit into the data center. Our team helps organization to build data center conforming to standard related to different tiers of security.

Power Backup Solution

Businesses can’t afford power loss, and so Megahertz Infotech provides uninterrupted power supplies and power distribution units to keep running the data center infrastructure round the clock. As one size does not fit all, we analyze and recommend clients with most reliable UPS system to deliver adequate power needed for running specific loads.

IP Surveillance

Megahertz believes installation of IP surveillance equipment in client’s data center is the best way to keep away the intruders. Our CCTV cameras and video surveillance devices improve remote viewing and control from network/ security operation center.
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